Located in Nishigahara Kita-ku, Tokyo. About 10 minutes from Oji Station(JR Keihin Tohoku Line) or Nishigahara Station(Nanboku Line) on foot

Tokyo Kita-ku Gaia Tax Corporation Accounting Office

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Gaia Tax Corporation provides following types of services:

Financial Accounting and Reporting

We support your company in generating financial statements in Japanese GAAP, US GAAP and under IFRS. We can report to your Parent Company and Head Office in a timely and effective manner.

Payroll and Social & Labor Insurance

We support your company in preparation of the employee's monthly payroll details, deposit slip, payroll ledger; reporting of new hires and resigning employees to the various agencies; arranging payment of local inhabitance taxes. We have an affiliated company for specialized in payroll calculation to support your company to realize timely and proper payroll calculation. (http://www.gaia-tax.com)

Cash Management

On behalf of your company, we are capable of creating a bank account under your company name and we would manage the payment of invoices, salary, payroll taxes.. We will monitor your bank balance and if we forecast a shortage, we will notify the designated individuals for a fund remittance.

Individual Tax Return for Foreign Employees

We support your company in preparation of Japanese individual tax returns and provide tax advisory services for foreign employees in Japan.

About Gaia Tax Corporation

Gaia Tax Corporation is established by Shogo NOGUCHI, a Licensed Tax Accountant, in January 2006 with his sister Kaori Watanabe, Japanese C.P.A and certified CPA in New Hampshire since 2008). Our office is located in Kita-ward in Tokyo prefecture.
In 2008, Gaia Tax Corporation merged Noguchi Kunio Accounting Office, which is a firm with history over 30 years and employees of 30 staffs, and has become one of the largest farm in Kita Ward.

Our office is capable of providing various accounting and tax related services for foreign subsidiaries/foreign branch in Japan, foreign employees in Japan and Japanese Company capitalized by foreign shareholders based on client's needs.
Our service includes incorporation of the companies in Japan, advice on Japanese tax, monthly write-up, adjustments for US GAAP accounting, payroll processing, cash management and assistance in internal audit.

Please contact with us

For any questions or further information, please contact with us at anytime.

Your privacy information will be used only within the range of necessary response to your inquiry. Please read the Privacy Statement and Treatment of Privacy Information. If you agree with this Privacy Statement Treatment of Privacy Information, please use e-mail to inquire your questions.

Email: noguchi-kaori@tkcnf.or.jp

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